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Business Philosophy

Longchem is a technology-driven company, who combines customer requirements with our innovations.

Serving for our customers in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for more than 20 years, we have integrated ourselves into a global company and earned our names through numerous successful deliveries of challenging projects.

We concentrate to work on projects and are excellent expert at project management and supply chain management. We differentiate ourselves by specialty, concentration and transparency.

On GMP + EHS platform, we dedicate to research and development, custom manufacturing of starting materials and key intermediates and APIs for pharmaceutical industry; specialty chemicals for cosmetic industry.

We are solution provider. We add value to our customers.

We have been providing satisfactory solutions to virtual companies, small innovators as well as multinational corporations on key building blocks for new drugs of phase I, phase II, phase III and commercial launch, with the full commitment from our professional R&D center and the guide of our specialized quality team, with our powerful modern database and evolving core technologies, and with the close cooperation of our manufacturing plants.

To our customers, we offer clear solutions and ultimate satisfactions. We combine chemistry with manufacturing regulations and business rules, through our deep understanding of process design, process optimization, scale up engineering, quality assurance, environmental protection, hygiene and safety.

We work closely with our customers on partnerships. We are pride of our swift responses to inquiries and dynamic reactions to specific request, efficient R&D management, and on-time delivery to our customers.

In Longchem, we regard chemistry as a kind of art, technology as engine, employees as treasure, customer satisfaction as priority. We view quality as right hand and price as left hand.

Longchem strive for innovations; we strive for excellence!

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